01 August / / MTG
Color Name Number Type Casting Cost Summary Land Savannah 4 Land Produces Mana Forrest 6 Land Produces Mana Plains 6 Land Produces Mana Brushland 2 Land Produces Mana Artifact Fellwar Stone 4 Poly Artifact 2 Produces Mana Marble Diamond 4 Poly Artifact 2 Produces Mana Moss Diamond 4 Poly Artifact 2 Produces Mana Cursed Totem 2 Continuous Artifact 2 Players can’t play creature activation that requires Cost Acidic Dagger 2 Poly Artifact 4 Destroy creature receiving combat damage this turn Green Cockatrice 2 Creature 3GG Kills non-wall creatures that block it Living Plane 2 Enchant World 2GG Lands are also 1/1, can’t tap for Mana first turn Worldly Tutor 3 Instant G Search library for creature, reveal, shuffle Ifh-Biff Efreet 2 Creature 2GG G: deal 1 damage to each player and flying creature White Disenchant 4 Instant 1W Destroy target enchantment or Artifact Enlightened Tutor 3 Instant W Search library for enchantment or artifact, reveal, shuffle Moat 2 Enchantment 2WW Non-flying creatures can’t attack Spectral Guardian 2 Creature 2WW if untapped, non-creature artifacts can’t be target of spells or effects Serra Angel 3 Creature 3WW Flying, Attacking doesn’t cause tapping Remove Enchantments 3 Instant W Removes enchantments all over the place