09 July / / Lego
Playing in Space This idea was inspired by a Lego IDEAS, celebrating Classic Space since 1978. I built a similar room, and used the same design for the Beta Command Base, and Alfa-1 Rocket Base, but all of the vehicles and monorail are my own design. Vehicles shown: Monorail Transport System Mobile Rocket Transport All-Terrain Vehicle Galaxy Explorer Space Cruiser Downloads Designed in LDD, and then used Stud.
07 July / / Lego
Ideas Book Space Ship This is one of the space ships features in the LEGOLAND Idea Book 6000 which was released in 1980. This is mostly a remix of the Galaxy Explorer set from 1979. I did all of the work in LDD but it didn’t have the correct printed bricks. I used to put those in place, and also to perform the render. file
30 June / / Lego
Excavator Going back a bit, to 1980, by revisiting the Lego Ideas Book 8888. The ideas books were full of great ideas for building, and the instructuctions were less “piece by piece”, forcing the builder to figure out which parts had been added, and where they belonged. I didn’t have the correct parts, in the correct color back in the ’80s, so my version never looked quite right.
12 April / / Lego
Overview I really like the Lego 42042 Crane. It covers all the basic features you want, and lets you switch the functions manually. That said, I do like making things remote control. When I found these instructions, and the difference was something along the lines of $20 in parts (not counting the motors/sbricks which are used for many things), I knew I had to do it. Features of the MOC Make use of the majority of the parts from the 42042 set 6 independant Power Functions Independant Left and Right tracks Pivot Boom raise/lower Claw raise/lower Cabin raise/lower Additional features I added Lights on top of the cabin Pendular suspension for the wheels on each track This was accomplished pretty trivially.
11 December / / Lego
Overview I’ve been following some work on what started as the Lego Unimog1, and has since turned into a MOC2. Its not done yet, but I decided I would start building accessories for it anyway. The first thing I’ve build is a camper. The goal was to only use Technic parts. Almost made it. Features Second level for sleeping Cargo crane on top for (un)loading Opening door and panels for internal visibility Windows with sun-shades that secure for travel Kitchen with sink, shelves, counter, fridge, and dishwasher Bathroom (toilet and shower) Eating area with chairs and table Storage container on the roof Slide-out surface with solar panels Guard-rails on the roof Storage closet with shelves and PF brick It includes a PF brick, but LDD didn’t have an option for lighting, so that’s not in the file.