Sea Kayaking around the Hongs

Today we took a boat from the east side of Phuket north in the Andaman Sea/Malacca Strait to Phang Nga Bay (roughly here). On the way we got to see quite a few jellyfish (I think they may be called Bell Jellyfish, they don’t have the typical or traditional tentacles out the bottom. Not sure whether they are venomous or not).

Our destination was an informal collection of islands, sometimes referred to as hongs. These islands are topologically toroidal in shape and have water in the middle. When the tide is low, you can kayak through tunnels (hopefully without disturbing the bats too much) and get to the inside, where it’s like a completely isolated little world. There are various types of flora and fauna such as bats, monkeys, and mangrove trees. Many of the islands are mostly vertical shapes, such as James Bond Island and some of them have rather impressive rock formations similar in look to stalactites.