Ender 3 Cabinet

Ender 3 Cabinet

It turns out that some factor of success in 3d printing is related to how much air flow there is around the printer, and what the temperature is. You can find an unused room, that doesn’t have any fans/air vents, but that’s probably not terribly convienient. Building a cabinet is probably the way you want to.

To this end, I did some searching on thingiverse.com and found a collection of things that seemed reasonable. I went with lack tables (3x), although you could certainly, and fairly easily) build your own equivalent by ripping 2x4’s in half, and sandwitching a couple of 3/4" plywood sheets together.

If you want to save some $, you can (for now at least), use poster board instead of plexiglass. Plexi for this is currently around ~$86. I’ll wait on that until the rush on plexi is over and prices are more reasonable.

I decided to have 3 tables, stacked. I wanted to use the lower 2 for storage of printer related items, and tools such as filament, and spare parts.

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