Lego 42042 RC Crane


I really like the Lego 42042 Crane. It covers all the basic features you want, and lets you switch the functions manually. That said, I do like making things remote control. When I found these instructions, and the difference was something along the lines of $20 in parts (not counting the motors/sbricks which are used for many things), I knew I had to do it.

Features of the MOC

  • Make use of the majority of the parts from the 42042 set
  • 6 independant Power Functions
    • Independant Left and Right tracks
    • Pivot
    • Boom raise/lower
    • Claw raise/lower
    • Cabin raise/lower

Additional features I added

  • Lights on top of the cabin
  • Pendular suspension for the wheels on each track
    • This was accomplished pretty trivially. I pulled the 2x 11 stud beams and 1x 7 stud beam out of the bottom of each track assembly and substituted 2x 7 stud beams (1 on each end) and 1x 3 stud beam in the center. The bogey wheels maintain the same positioning


Building instructions (pdf)


Parts list

Demo Video


Footnotes and References