Camper for Unimog


I’ve been following some work on what started as the Lego Unimog1, and has since turned into a MOC2. Its not done yet, but I decided I would start building accessories for it anyway. The first thing I’ve build is a camper. The goal was to only use Technic parts. Almost made it.


  • Second level for sleeping
  • Cargo crane on top for (un)loading
  • Opening door and panels for internal visibility
  • Windows with sun-shades that secure for travel
  • Kitchen with sink, shelves, counter, fridge, and dishwasher
  • Bathroom (toilet and shower)
  • Eating area with chairs and table
  • Storage container on the roof
  • Slide-out surface with solar panels
  • Guard-rails on the roof
  • Storage closet with shelves and PF brick

It includes a PF brick, but LDD didn’t have an option for lighting, so that’s not in the file.

Part count is just under 2800 pcs.


LXF for Lego’s LDD3, generic LDR that can be used/imported with Stud.io4 or Bricksmith5.


Parts list

Things left to do

  • Create more/better groups in LDD
  • Power the crane with pneumatics and/or PF


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