Tractor 851 Accessories

Accories for Tractor 851

These are from the Ideas Book 8888. They are various accessories for Tractor (851). They don’t use particularly rare or expensive pieces, and don’t have very high part counts. You should be able to find them for between $10-$50US ea.

Hay Rake

A hay rake takes the recently cut hay (it can also work with grass) moves it from where it has been cut into a windrow. In addition, it helps turn over, and dry the hay. Its then typically bundled into bales and then stored.


A thresher cuts fields of grass, wheat, etc. It can then be bailed and stored for winter, or shipped to market.

Manure Spreader

A [manure spreader][manure_spreader_wiki] spreads various kinds of manure (such as cow) on a field as a fertalizer to help crops grow better.

Studio Files

Hay rake studio file, PDF

Thresher studio file, PDF

Manure Spreader studio file, PDF


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