First Football Shooting

Today was a first time for a couple of things. I got to shoot football for the first time. Its also the first chance I’ve had to shoot since moving to Vancouver, work has been keeping me busy. I’m sure it will get easier with time, and learning something about football will probably help as well. The weather was perfect, the temperature you’re not quite sure if you want a sweater. The sun was in and out of clouds complicating exposure, but things turned out pretty well. The game went pretty well, would’ve been nice if things had been a little more evenly matched but the other team put up a fight at least.

I don’t usually take the camera off AF, but I decided to try it out, since this would be at least a little demanding, with bodies running in all directions at the same time. On the whole, it worked a treat. It managed to pick out the correct subject and hold the focus as that subject moved on the field. There were a couple exceptions involving >5s tracking. I don’t fault the camera for an inability to focus once and pan around the entire field. +1 for Canon’s 8yr old technology keeping up.