Las Vegas (the 1st)

This was my first trip to Las Vegas. As you might expect, it was a bit of sensory overload. It was also bloody hot. During the day it was reaching 110F in the shade.

It was finally starting to cool off (90-95F) around 9-10pm. Since I was there for a conference and didn’t have an opportunity to sleep during the day, I figured that was my best time to go out and tour the strip. I was staying in The Palazzo, which made things easy. I could walk down one side of the strip, cross, and walk back up the other side, and essentially end up where I started. This was my second time renting the EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L (from Borrow Lenses). I really like this lens, even though the critics talk about how soft the lens is, it’s one of my favorites.