Wings of Freedom Tour

Today was the last day that the Wings of Freedom tour at Moffet Federal Air Field. They flew in a P51, B26, and a B17. The latter two they allowed people to “tour”, which, in this case means “climb around in”. They also offer flights, but I thought they were a bit expensive.

I love climbing around on things (do boys ever really grow up?) so this was a great outing. It was also a good oppertunity to take some up close and personal pictures of airplanes that bought our freedom during World War II (no, I’m not that old, but I believe we owe a debt to all of our soldiers willing to give their lives for our freedom that we can never truly pay back). Its amazing to think about these planes being cutting edge technology when you look around and there are no computers, and everything is mechanical. Wires connecting moving parts, tubes carrying necessary liquids, everything manually controlled.